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Book Review: Apparently There Were Complaints

January’s Autonomia

Merry Christmas

Travelogue: St. Louis 2021

Objectivist Conferences 2021: OCON Austin

Travelogue: San Antonio

Take 22 for ‘22

Just Deserts: Musk is TIME’s Man of ‘21

Movies: West Side Story (2021)

Objectivist Conferences 2021: TOS Con

Obituary: Bob Dole

Points in Pittsburgh: Sarris Chocolate Factory

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Take Twenty-Two for Twenty-Two

December in Preview

Obituary: Stephen Sondheim

Book Review: The Art of Bob Mackie

Happy Thanksgiving

Travelogue: Disney World at 50

Movies: Belfast

Book Review: Billy Wilder on Assignment

Honor Veterans Day

Book Review: Stalinism as a Way of Life

Preview of November’s Autonomia

Book Review: If—: The Untold Story of Kipling’s American Years by Christopher Benfey

The Alec Baldwin Shooting

Obituary: Colin Powell

Roberto Clemente in Retrospect

On this date in history…

Movies: Cry Macho

Movies: Dear Evan Hansen

Exclusive: ‘Roberto Clemente in Retrospect’

October in Autonomia

Black Tuesday at 20

Black Tuesday at 20

Twenty Years After Black Tuesday

The Flight 93 War Memorial

Points in Pittsburgh

Book Review: Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author by Herman Wouk

Come September

Travelogue: Phoenix

Book Review: Clemente: The True Legacy of an Undying Hero 

August in Autonomia

Book Review: Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

My Writing Method


Monday with Joel McCrea

Series Review: John Adams on HBO

Movies: The White Crow

Wednesday with Greta Garbo

New in July

Tuesday with Cary Grant

Book Review: Nureyev by Julie Kavanagh

Points in Pittsburgh

Sunday with Barbara Stanwyck

Book Review: Stork Club by Ralph Blumenthal

June Preview

Winfrey and Castles in the Sky 

Just Deserts: Charles Levendosky

Book Review: Fosse by Sam Wasson

Sunday with Barbara Stanwyck

Coming in May

Series Review: Jackie Robinson on PBS

Series Review: Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation

Thursday with Robert Redford

Book Review: Clemente

April in Autonomia

Tie-in Tuesday

Book Review: Last Call

Friday with Fred Astaire

March for Autonomia!

Discover Victor Hugo

Sidney Poitier Shrugged

Obituary: Rush Limbaugh

Obituary: Christopher Plummer

Five Reasons to Celebrate Ayn Rand

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An Open Letter to Elon Musk

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