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Never forget! Thanks, Scott.

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Hi Scott. Thanks for posting this. The New York Sun printed more of Eichmann’s statement, to wit:

“If we had killed 10.3 million Jews I would say with satisfaction, ‘Good, we destroyed an enemy.’ Then we would have fulfilled our mission. And thus, to my regret, it was not to be.”

Notice the added evil? “…and thus, to my regret, it was not to be.” This speaks volumes about the soul of Eichmann and to the agenda of the Nazi’s.

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This story also underscores why free speech exercise is essential; it demonstrates why even the most vile motivations for interviews can result in yielding more facts and insight.

Note that the disclosure—the only time I’m aware of that this monster admitted guilt on the record—comes from a Nazi sympathizer.

Today’s leftist woke mob would preclude such interviews from being disseminated.

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