Thanks, Scott. In addition to remembering, I am looking forward this Memorial Day. Tomorrow evening I am going to see the the new "Top Gun," hoping to get a glimpse of the heroic men who still exist in my country. We need to release these men from Woke Prison! Here's a positive review:


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I'm usually a minority of one, but, here goes anyway.

I totally disagree that Memorial Day shouldn't be a happy holiday. A somber remembrance of the war dead is completely in order, as a priority. But then, there's everything right about immediately kicking off the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, those days of hot dogs and pretzels and beer", at a back yard, lakeside or otherwise outside, outdoor cookout, with more such events throughout the summer, as desired, clear through and even beyond Labor Day. With due respect, let's not be inhibited about enjoying life, ESPECIALLY in connection with a day like Memorial Day.

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